When you buy a newly-built home, the builder often provides a warranty. The builder’s warranty covers defects with materials and workmanship in your new home. Get your home inspected before your warranty expires. Here are all the reasons for getting a builder’s warranty inspection completed.

Your Builder Pays for Repairs During the Warranty Period

You’d rather not have the repair costs from the builder’s mistake come out of your bank account. Protect yourself from repair bills with the builder’s warranty. Order a builder’s warranty inspection and then file a claim to have the problems fixed at no cost to you.

Make sure you get the inspection done in the 11th month so you have enough time to work with the builder. You’ll be responsible for all repairs once the warranty expires after the first year.

Does a New Home Need Many Repairs?

You may be skeptical about how many issues might be found with new home construction. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for newly-built homes to reveal important and expensive repair needs once they’ve been occupied.

Inspectors commonly find defects in the following areas:

  • Defective materials
  • Elevated radon levels
  • Wiring issues
  • Structural problems
  • HVAC system defects
  • Plumbing problems
  • Foundation or drainage issues
  • Flashing and roofing issues

The above problems potentially bring very expensive repair bills with them. You just invested a lot of money in buying your new home. It’s in your best interest to file a warranty claim and have your builder make any needed repairs. 

Why Do You Need a Builder’s Warranty Inspection When You Had a Code Inspection?

City inspectors looked at your home’s construction to make sure it passed building code. It isn’t the job of a municipal inspector to fully inspect your home and look for defects. For example, they don’t completely inspect the roofing system or look at everything inside your HVAC system

They check minimum code requirements established by local officials. A builder’s warranty inspection reports on the full condition of the house so you can rest assured that all system are reviewed. 

Problems That Come Up After the Final Inspection

Don’t forego the protection a builder’s inspection gives you because you think your home’s final inspection was enough. The final inspection noted any defects that needed to be repaired at the time. However, houses start revealing different repair needs once you’ve lived in them for a little while.

For instance, the first freeze may affect materials and cause problems. The garage door might not run along the track correctly anymore. Or, foundation problems may present themselves once the home has settled. 

When to Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Get your builder’s warranty inspection completed during the 11th month of homeownership. You’ll be happy to see all the defects fixed without having to spend more money.

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