The following components of a home are professionally and thoroughly inspected in an independent, objective evaluation of their physical condition:

Mechanical Systems:

  • Heating And Cooling Systems
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Built-In Appliances Including Microwave For Radiation Leakage
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Smoke Detectors


  • Foundations, Grading and Drainage
  • Exterior Walls, Trim, and Framing
  • Roof, Gutters and Downspouts
  • Chimney, Damper, Firebox, and Flashing
  • Attic Area and Crawl Space
  • Water Penetration
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Deck, Porches, Garages
  • Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Window
  • Doors, Stairways, Balconies, and Cabinets

Tri-County performs Inspections using the State-of-the-Art Home Gauge Computerized Reporting System, which allows us to include color pictures. Tri-County’s E-Reports are readily available to our Clients and Realtors via the Web. As soon as the reports are completed, they can be viewed or printed from anywhere via Internet, powered by©, as many times as necessary.

An on-site verbal report is discussed and the E-Report will be emailed to the representative or the client after the inspection is completed. I’m always available for a telephone conference to fully explain the report and its findings.

We Provide You:

Quality Professional Home Inspections:
Complete inspection to include condition of heating and cooling systems, electrical, plumbing, appliances, fans, smoke detectors, and structure of home from crawlspace to the roof.
Professional Computerized Inspection Reports:
We report thoroughly the condition of the home and prepare E-Reports and Colored Pictures and deliver it via a secure internet server within 24 hours of inspections. Same day reports.
Property Access:
Supra Real Estate Key Access for North Carolina and South Carolina.
Specific Problem Analysis:
All types of structural and Termite damage reports prepared. Assessment of problem or damage and recommendation to correct the problem is included in the written report. All minor and major problems are incorporated.
Locally Owned and Operated Company:
Individualized and personal service, a non-franchised company.
Full Time Availability:
Full time job, available when needed.
Inspections According to ASHI and State Standards:
Inspections comply or exceed N.C. and S.C. Home Inspector License Board Standards of Practices.
Affordable and Competitive Fees
Moisture Damage Assessment:
Expert structural analysis of moisture related problems.
Well Water Analysis:
Qualified according to FHA/HUD/VA requirements to perform private well water analysis and inspect septic tank and private well performance.
New Construction:
New home construction monitoring, consultations, work completion verification, and punch list.
Other Services:
Radon, Termite, and other environmental inspections. Repair contractor referrals on request. Refer to my website for Contractor and Vendors for details.
References on Request:
Personal and/or business.
Guaranteed Satisfaction:
Money back guarantee.
I know the best Real Estate Agents:
Call for details. Ask how to receive a $100.00 Lowe’s Home Store gift card for using my preferred Agents.

Fee schedule depends on many variables:

This is no time to seek a bargain inspector. A thorough home is inspection is very hard work. We spend anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours+ on a home inspection. Then an additional 2 to 3 hours are spent in the office compiling the inspection report. My clients deserve the best and most thorough inspection process and report writing! Regardless of the age of the home you are considering it’s advised to have a Professional Home Inspection. It’s small investment to avoid costly problems later. I provide a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the home’s major systems. Plain and simple, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars in repairs.

  • Square Footage of the home or building.
  • Foundation type and material makeup of the home: Crawlspace, Slab, Basement, Brick, Hardboard, Vinyl cladding, (Garages, Decks (types), Porches (types), etc.).
  • Age and location of the home .
  • The amount of time spent on site performing the inspection due to conditions and specific inspections being performed or reported on.
  • The time and thoroughness of the report. Inspections and Report writing are time consuming.


Inspection Prices

Up to 2000 sq. ftStarting at $375.00
2001 to 2500 sq. ftStarting at $395.00
2501 to 3000 sq. ftStarting at $400.00
Over 3000 sq. ft. *Starting at $425.00
Over 4000 sq. ft *$495-$550
Condos Inside and Out: CALL FOR QUOTEStarting at $295.00
*Add 12 cents for each additional sq. ft. Additional fee for units 20 years and older. Additional fee for units 50 years and older. Actual fee determined when appointment is made. Fee is based on house size, age, and location.

These prices are competitive, but can fluctuate depending on several factors such as decks, porches, sunrooms, screened porches, patios, retaining walls, and/or the general material make-up of the home.

Inspection Prices are based on the following factors: square footage of the home and the age and location. Homes in distress (foreclosures, HUD homes, etc.) are subject to an additional $25-$50.00 fee. Square footage is calculated based on the total square footage area of the home including the garage.

* Tri-County reserves the right to charge an additional fee for foreclosures, HUD properties, investment properties, rentals, de-winterizing, and homes in distress. We must be notified of these conditions when scheduling the inspection. Foreclosure, investment property, rental, and/or distressed property could result in an additional fee.

Additional Trips & Re-Inspections:

Additional trips (utilities not turned on, etc). Agents and buyers please be advised. If I perform a scheduled inspection and have to return to the property for any reason to finish the inspection, another $50-$75.00 is applied on top of the original fee. Returning to the same property twice-costs time and prevents me from earning compensation or doing business elsewhere.

The base price for re-inspections is $195.00 for the 1st hour (or part of), plus $50.00 for each additional hour. Report writing is included. Additional charges may apply depending on distance.

Detached structures inspected per request at an additional fee, which would depend on the size, condition, and function of the structure. I must be made aware of any detached building prior to arrival.

Consulting Fee: $150.00 per hour.

Please call Tri-County Inspection for estimated cost at 704-728-9610.

I encourage the client to attend at least a portion of the inspection, so their questions can be fully answered and explained. I feel this is a helpful and will certainly complement the inspection.

Tri-County does not disclose any information or release copies without the expressed consent of the client or their representative. We don’t share your personal information; your inspection report is not public. Your information is secure with Tri-County Inspection.

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